Your Pests Might See Better than You

Your Pests Might See Better than You

Your Pests Might See Better than YouWhile insects aren’t exactly known for their exceptional eyesight, as it turns out, the assumption that insects might have poor eyesight is not accurate.

While insects do see the world much differently than humans do, insect’s eyesight is much more complex than we once thought.

Previously, scientists believed that insects were unable to see fine images because their eyes are built so differently from humans. When you think of a bug’s eyeball, you probably picture hundreds or thousands of tiny lenses. This allows insects to see in low-resolution, pixelated version what we see.

However, the University of Sheffield’s Department of Biomedical Science recently conducted research that showed that insect eyes can also observe and process high-resolutions images, because of how their photoreceptor cells interpret movement.

The University of Sheffield has discovered that beneath the tiny prism-like eye lenses on a bug’s eye are photoreceptor cells, which move in and out of focus rapidly to help them see. The movement is essentially an involuntary twitch which sends signals to the bug’s brain that allows it to better process its surroundings.

This research, after a century of believing otherwise, proves that fruit flies actually have much better vision than we thought they did. In order to observe this twitch, the university had to create unique microscopes with high-speed cameras.

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