What Attracts Termites to Your Home?

The seasons are quickly changing and many summer bugs will be looking for a way inside your home for comfort and warmth. Unfortunately, this includes termites, which will soon be on the hunt for a space to claim as their own. The worst part about it is that there could be things lying around your house that are already attracting these pests to your home, and you don’t even realize it!

Here are a few things that termites enjoy the most:


Termites enjoy a nice, dark place to live. These little critters are adapted to squeeze into dark corners and crevices in and around your house. They would love to live out their lives breeding and eating in the dark.


Termites will huddle together in those dark small spots to create warm spaces. That’s why in the winter they will find ways into your home for food and a cozy spot away from the cold.

Tree stumps

You’ve (hopefully) already removed dead and sick trees from their home but many forget to remove the stumps, which sit dead and rotting in the yard. Get those stumps out of there! They are a large attractor for termites, who just see them as a huge feast laid out before them.

If you have had termites before or are just feeling extra cautious this season, try taking these extra measures:

Prune your tree limbs

For those healthy, beautiful trees in your yard make sure the tree limbs are trimmed neatly and away from your home. A large group of tree limbs will make it hard for built-up precipitation to evaporate, which makes for a perfect, livable space for termites.

Trash the mulch

Bark, mulch and piles of grass trimmings create dark spots with cellulose that termites crave. Make sure to rake it up, place it in the garbage and take it away from your home.

Check out your front steps, patio or wraparound porch

Over the years your home’s front porch or deck will surely suffer through harsh weather and constant foot traffic, leaving cracks, moist spots, mildew or other weakened areas that will attract unfriendly visitors to your home. Water can also build up around the foundation near your home under your porch.

All of these things, and many others, can attract termites to your house. Make sure you’re prepared by enlisting the help of a trained professional when things get a little too hard to handle.

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  1. Just like every disease has a symptom which is an indication that we need to see a doctor, is there anything like such which could be an indication that our house has been infected with termites and we need to see a pest control service provider?

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