Watch Out for These Pests That Love Moisture

Watch Out for These Pests That Love Moisture

Leaking pipes and toilets, condensation on windows, poorly ventilated bathrooms and damp cellars can make your home a paradise for water-loving bugs.

Watch out for these pests that love moisture:


These creepy-crawlies seek out humid, warm places. They need very little water to stay active—condensation on pipes is often enough for them. Keep your home as moisture-free as possible to avoid them.


Often spotted around drains, these silvery-gray pests love moisture. Silverfish don’t usually respond to spot treatments because they move around the house. Contact a pro for a comprehensive pest management plan.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants make their nests in wet, rotten wood. Left unchecked, they can damage the foundations of your home.


Termites need moisture to live and work. This is another pest that can do serious damage to your home if you don’t quickly address the problem with professional help.

Be proactive about monitoring your home for signs of moisture that could attract these and other water-loving pests. Check walls and floors for dampness, water stains, peeling paint and rust, and be on the lookout for rotted or warped wood paneling, mildew stains and loose floor tiles.

Beat those moisture-loving pests by calling Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Management Group. We offer professional termite and pest management services in Central Virginia. We’re proud to be green, and use eco-friendly methods whenever we can. Contact us as soon as you spot pests so we can take care of the problem.

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