Watch Out for Potential Winter Pests

Watch Out for Potential Winter Pests

Although the winter months keep Watch Out for Potential Winter Pestsa lot of pests dormant, a lot of pests remain active through cold temperatures. Both insects and rodents are looking for a warm place to settle, and they often choose our homes. We have put together a short list of some pests to look out for this winter season.


Termites are especially active in summer months, however, they will still wiggle their way into our homes during winter. Many termites continue to reproduce well into February, causing significant damage to homes during winter months as well. They are burrowed so deep into a home’s structure that cold temperatures, or even snow, will not kill them off.


Stink bugs often appear during fall months and search for an ideal hibernation location in order to get through the winter months. These bugs will settle into floorboards, walls, or light fixtures to remain warm. They feed on local crops until the temperatures are cold enough to force them inside. They give off a stinky odor when crushed so if you come across one, keep that in mind before stepping on it.


Small rodents can be a big problem for homeowners during the winter months. Rats, mice, and even raccoons, look for a warm shelter once temperatures start to fall. They can easily fit into small cracks or holes and often go unseen in walls, insulation, and attics. Keep an eye out for droppings or shredded items, such as shredded toilet paper in a closet, which might indicate you have a rodent keeping your company this holiday season. 


Bedbugs are one of the worst pests you can discover inside of your home. They are transported from place to place through clothing, luggage, and much more. With a tremendous amount of traveling happening during the holiday season, they are just as active in winter months and can easily infest regardless of temperatures. If you discover bedbugs in your home, calling a professional is a must.

These are just several of many pests that can survive winter months by making themselves comfortable in your home. If you discover you have a pest problem this winter, call Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Management Group to handle it.

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