‘Tis the Season – Winter Pests

While the summer months are considered the prime season for pests, some pests linger all year round. When the winter months take hold, many pests don’t go inactive until spring. The change in weather can actually cause pests to seek the warmth and shelter of your home. Below are a few of the pests that survive and thrive indoors during the winter season.


Finding ants in your home is never a good sign, doubly during the winter months. Finding a few ants in the summer can be unavoidable, but when you find ants in your home during the winter months you may have a larger issue at hand. When ants are found this time of year, there is a strong possibility that they may have made a home inside your house.

Mice, Rats and Other Rodents

Mice, rats and other small rodents are usually drawn to shelter during the cold of winter. Mice can enter a home through an opening the size of a dime, so it’s important to make sure the cracks and crevices of your house are properly covered up. Rodents seek the warmth and shelter of your residence during these months in order


Spiders are commonly thought to seek shelter during the winter season, but this is not entirely true. Different kinds of spiders deal with the winter months in different ways. There are few species of spider that simply die in the winter but leave their eggs in a protected area to hatch come spring. The spiders you find inside your house are the same ones that have been there all year for the most part, as there are only a few kinds of spiders that seek shelter during the cold seasons.

Winter can present you with different pest challenges than the summer does, but no matter the time of year, Blue Ridge Termite and Pest can help you eliminate your vermin problems! From ants and spiders to rodents and other vermin, Blue Ridge has you covered.

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