‘Tis the season… for pests!

Summertime is finally underway. After a long winter, there’s really nothing better than finally emerging from the solitude of our homes where we were shielded from the cold month after month.

Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management GroupNow we are spending more time outside, leaving windows open in our homes and cars and finding any other way to catch that warm summer breeze. Well, we’re not the only ones that come out to play in the summer. Bugs and pests inconveniently have their busy season during the summer months when we’re most active. Needless to say, pest infestation is a most common, negative characteristic of summer. So how do we prepare ourselves for the intrusion? Here are a few simple tips on how to keep the bugs out so you don’t bug out!

  • Days when you don’t want to crack up the A/C, opening all the windows in your home is a natural alternative to getting that fresh air, cool feeling circulating. However, this provides a prime gateway for bugs and other pests to enter your humble abode. Ensuring that any visible cranks in your windows are properly sealed to keep out ants, spiders, cockroaches and any other unwelcomed guest.
  • Keep your house tidied. Don’t leave around piles of debris, papers, dust, wood, trash etc. This attracts bugs and pests and provides them with extra hiding spots to flourish under the radar.
  • Do not leave food lying around! This is going to be a dead giveaway for insects that your house is the place to be! Leaving pet food and after barbeque leftovers outside for an extended period of time is like begging bugs and other pests to move on in. Keep a garbage bin handy and always be sure the garbage is sealed tight.
  • Perhaps the most infamous of pesky summer pests are mosquitoes. These little guys are attracted to stagnant water. So a huge tip to help avoid them in your home or outdoor play area is to ensure that you dump any standing water where they can lay their eggs.

With these few easy tips, you’ll be actively preparing yourself for the buggy summer months. When these simple tricks fail, you need to take immediate action with pest control. So call the knowledgeable professionals at Blue Ridge Termite & Pest! We take pest control to the next level ensuring you are bug-free for the summer and beyond! Call today with any questions or to set up pest control services.

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