Termites in Virginia: The Eastern Subterranean Termite

termitesThe most common species of termite across the United States, the Eastern Subterranean Termite has a wrath that is strong and unapologetic, and they are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to properties each year in the states they infest.

How Do They Look?

As with most termites, eastern subterranean termites are quite small, with bodies that are usually half the size of the head of a match. They do not have wings like some other species, however, and they are blind and sterile, with populations grown and sustained through the queen alone. They have a life span of roughly two years and have a soft carapace.

Where Are They Found?

Eastern subterranean termites can be found anywhere from southern Ontario on down to Texas. Their reach also extends from the Atlantic Ocean inland as far as Utah in the west. These are the most widely distributed termite species inhabiting North America.

How Do They Cause Damage?

First, the soldiers attack when an opening is found in a wooden structure, and they stand guard at the opening while workers chew into the wood to start their wave of destruction. They seek out moisture within walls and cavities, and work to build nests near these water sources. Once they have established a home, they quickly work to find and consume timbers within 100 yards of the next, always swarming in large numbers and rapidly causing catastrophic damage to the infested structures.

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