Termite Technician of the Year!

Termite Technician of the Year!

11001176_SIt seems like every industry has an awards system honoring the best and brightest of that particular industry and the pest extermination business is no different, comprising a major part of the PCT Technician of the Year Awards – PCT standing for Pest Control Technology.

From Pctonline.com, “The awards, sponsored by BASF Pest Control Solutions, recognize a trio of standout service professionals in the residential, commercial and termite categories.” Termite gets its own category! Nominations are sent in and the BASF takes it from there.

It’s always nice to receive recognition, especially when it deals with one’s trade – and when it comes to being a termite technician, the award is certainly well-warranted, as the job requires physically exhausting work, an eye for the tiniest details, an almost library’s worth of knowledge as well as a strident sense of determination. Not everyone is cut out for the job, that’s for sure.

You might be asking yourself, “How do I nominate someone?” Well, there are two ways. Go to Pctonline.com and download a pdf or you can fill out the online nomination form. Nominations are due by July 18, so get them in while you can!

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