Termite Prevention: Fight Back Before Their Arrival

We truly can’t stress enough the extreme damage that termites can bestow upon your home or business. These little soldiers have unfaltering determination to destroy all in their path. Once discovered, they have typically already done a large amount of stealthy damage to the building, at which point you must deal with the repercussions – with what’s in your wallet.

So now that we’ve established that we don’t want these little buggars entering our humble abodes, how can we avoid them? Again, the best extermination is one you never have to deal with! Termite prevention is key and one of the best termite treatment options is an investment in a pre-construction termite treatment. At Blue Ridge Termite & Pest, we have vast experience applying termite pretreatment to new buildings before they’re fully constructed. By doing this, we have the advantage of knowing all the hiding spots before they’re developed and shielding them from invasions with a termite pre-treatment.

Is New Construction Termite Pre-Treatment Worth the Cost?

The next step in this process is deciding if it’s worth it to you. Well, let’s just say we call it an investment for a reason – in the long run, pre construction termite treatment is definitely worth the cost! When it comes down to it, the cost of termite treatment at the time of construction is 50-70% less than treatment after construction has been taken care of. That’s a huge chunk of cash.

Not only is that an appealing aspect, but it is at this time that all the probable problem areas can be identified and effectively protected. The professionals at Blue Ridge Termite can survey the building as construction takes place and apply the termite pre-treatment to sneaky areas like crawl spaces, basements, etc. This, in turn, alleviates any uncertainty down the road about where these entry points may be located. By having the professionals point them out, you already have an idea of where these pesky bugs will be attempting to infiltrate your fortress before they even begin plotting their intrusion.


Termite pre-treatment proves as an extremely cost-effective method of termite prevention that we would be more than happy to help you out with. Blue Ridge Termite & Pest is all about the green. Whether it’s saving you some or keeping it flourishing throughout the environment. Keep your eyes peeled for more green, money-saving tips on termite and pest prevention from us!

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  1. Ths is some really good information about termite prevention. I really want to keep termites out of the home I am building. So, I liked that you pointed about that about 50-70 percent of the time termites get into a home during the inspection.

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