Termite control is an often-overlooked method of keeping home and property in excellent condition. Termites are infamous destroyers of many different kinds of wood and timber. While they are small in size, in numbers these soldiers can be very powerful. If left unchecked, they can have a devastating effect on the infrastructure of houses and garages in a very short time. Avoid unnecessary damage to home and property; call Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group.

When it comes to getting rid of termites for good, knowledge is power. At Blue Ridge Termite & Pest, we work hard to educate our clients on the habits of these pests as well as the precautionary actions to take in order to avoid the harm they can cause. As the premier Termite Control and Inspections company of the Central VA area, we have gained extensive knowledge when it comes to termites and pests.

Blue Ridge Termite & Pest ManagementAt Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Control, we utilize “green” pest control methods to eradicate termites and prevent future infestations. If it becomes necessary to use a different approach, we use low-impact synthetic pesticides. We are proud to be a “green” company and offer solutions that you can feel good about.

Not sure if you have a termite problem? In addition to termite control services, we also offer termite inspection services. We will carefully check our home and property for signs of termites. We can then formulate the best plan of action to get rid of your termite guests for good.

If you’re in search of the best termite control company around, you’ve come to the right place! Our termite service is unlike any other. Blue Ridge Termite & Pest places extreme emphasis on our professionalism, knowledge of home termite problems and supreme customer service. For a termite inspector, termite treatment or any other form of termite prevention in Charlottesville VA, Waynesboro VA and beyond – don’t wait. Call Blue Ridge Termite & Pest today!