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Blue Ridge Introduces Natural Insecticides, Pest Education & Prevention!

A common theme throughout society is “going green”. The world is truly making a conscious effort to fight back against the often harmful ways of humanity. We are far from where we’d like to be, but ultimately it’s the small changes that will lead to the greater good, right?

We often associate pesticides and insecticides with harmful chemicals and, in turn, health hazards and side-effects. While these insecticides can be effective, there are also other alternative methods of organic pest control. Blue Ridge Termite and Pest would like to enlighten our customers on organic pesticides and safe pest prevention.

The key to all pest elimination is never dealing with them in the first place! Prevention is going to play a large role in the whole equation. If you are actively preventing these bugs and critters from entering your home, you are greatly decreasing your chances of having to resort to unsafe methods of ridding the intruders once they’ve weaseled their way in.

How can we prevent this from happening? The top tip to effective prevention is knowing what you’re dealing with. Educating yourself on the pests at hand is going to give you insight into what will keep them away or get rid of them. Let’s take a look at some tips for dealing with common household invaders:

Termites: These tricky bugs are all about the wood. Any kind of debris, wood pile and stored lumber could 100% be a lure to get these bugs to happily move on in. Whether they’re lying around your house or in your crawl spaces, take care to clean up. Take extra care to keep structural wood dry, as well.

Ants: Black ants are extremely common in many homes. To prevent their unsightly presence, always clean up spills. Pick up garbage and store extra food and beverages in sealed containers in the fridge.

Cockroaches: These nasty pests make many people’s skin crawl at just a thought. They’re hard to catch since they only come out at night. Take care to seal up entry areas and crevices that may provide easy access to your home or a hiding space for cockroaches. When it gets out of control, call the professionals in. These bugs are professional pests and have been for millions of years. They each of their eggs can hatch about 16-30 ‘nymphs’ at a time. Yikes!

Moths: While harmless, moths are still annoying to be around. They like to hide out in the dark often where moisture and cluttered clothes may be. Keep dark hidden areas clean and tidy to help prevent a possible moth infestation. Also ensure that all doors and windows and screens are closed tightly. Moths are drawn in by the light in your home.

When prevention fails, you need professional pest control intervention. Blue Ridge Termite & Pest has been “Keepin’ it Green in the Blue Ridge” by actively using natural and organic pesticides where applicable. These organic insecticides are extremely mild and do little to no harm on gardens and are not harmful to families and pets. What’s more, by using a natural insecticide on your home, you’re saving a bundle of money! Just one more way we can keep things a little greener for you.

If you start to notice damage from harmful pests, give us a call. For years we have assisted customers in and around Charlottesville VA with organic pest control utilizing a safe, organic insecticide in many homes and businesses. Feel good about clearing your home of these pests, call Blue Ridge today!

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