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Your Neighbor Has Termites: Is Your Home Next?

They creep, they crawl and now they are eating your neighbor’s’ house. It’s a termite problem and you have to wonder, is my home next?

A nearby termite infestation could mean that the area around your home is the right condition for termites to live, breed and of course eat the infrastructure inside your walls. With homes being built very close together, it’s definitely within reason to take a few steps toward preventing termites from entering your home, or finding out if they have nestled inside your walls already.

Here are a few ways to check for termites and keep them out of your home:

Talk with your neighbor

Bake some cookies and walk over for an honest conversation. Ask them about how they found out and maybe it’ll help you spot some signs of termites in your own house. Find out what kind of termites they have and how they are treating the problem. Ask them if they are already termite free or how long they expect treatment to last.

Remove items from your property that attract termites

Termites will turn dead trees into organic matter quickly. Remove dead wood from your property to keep from attracting your neighbor’s pests. This includes sick or dead trees, wet or rotting firewood, piles of sticks or wood from a recent construction project. Even if your neighbor’s home has been termite-free for a while now, the little bugs may still be living in the ground and trees near your home.

Don’t be afraid to have your home evaluated by a professional

Call your local exterminator or termite expert for some advice. If you are worried termites have spread into your home, the experts will quickly be able to find out. A termite expert can examine how much of a risk your home is at and find the pests that you might have overlooked  in nearby shrubs, trees and wood piles. They can even pretreat your home for termites so you can enjoy being home, worry-free of bugs.

Don’t assume your home is in the clear! Call Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group for an expert opinion today!