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How to Keep Pests Away from Pumpkins

How to Keep Pests Away from Pumpkins

Putting a pumpkin on your front porch is a time-honored Halloween tradition. But unfortunately, pumpkins are known to attract all kinds of pests throughout the fall. You’ll likely notice everything from squirrels and mice to flies and ants congregating around your pumpkin before long. There are several pest control practices you can put into place to keep them away.

Here’s how to stop pests from ruining your fall pumpkin:

Wait until a few days before Halloween to carve your pumpkin

There are lots of people who can’t wait to carve their pumpkins. As soon as October begins, they start carving away. Rather than going this route, wait until later in the month to buy a pumpkin and carve it. Otherwise, your pumpkin is likely going to start rotting before Halloween and welcome lots of pests into your yard. It won’t be long before you’ll need to call a pest control company for help.

Spray white vinegar, lemon juice, and/or bleach inside your pumpkin

Once you get around to carving your pumpkin later in October, you should spray it with white vinegar, lemon juice, and/or bleach before setting it up outside. The smell of white vinegar will prevent rodents from attacking your pumpkin. Lemon juice, meanwhile, will make your pumpkin last longer and stop it from rotting. And bleach can limit the bacteria that can grow in your pumpkin, which will also limit the rotting that takes place. Spraying these things in your pumpkin is one of the most effective pest control methods.

Keep your pumpkin out of the sun and bring it inside if it’s too hot out

Does your front porch get a lot of sun throughout the day? This is bad for your pumpkin since the heat can cause rotting to occur. Ideally, you should only put your pumpkin out when it’s between 50- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit outside. If it’s warmer than that, your pumpkin should be inside your house.

If you take all these steps and still find that pests are attacking your pumpkin, Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Management Group can help. We’re a pest control company that can take care of any pests causing issues inside or outside of your home. Contact us today to take advantage of our pest control services.