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New App Identifies the Sound of Malaria Carrying Species

New App Identifies MosquitosIf you live in an area known for its dampness, then the chances are good that you have had your share of mosquito-related issues. These little pests and their vile bite have been known to ruin many outdoor parties and yard work endeavors. Depending on where you live, it can seem almost impossible to get away from mosquitos, but what if you had a way of knowing that mosquitos were on the attack before they got to you?

Sound too good to be true?

If scientists at Oxford University are successful, you may soon have a cell phone app that can warn you when pesky mosquitos are about to crash your party.

The application uses artificial intelligence to listen for the whine of mosquito wing beats and uses that information to tell you how far away these insects may be.

This app is making waves not only because of its ability to detect bugs but also for its potential to save millions of lives. People tend to forget that mosquitoes are also known for carrying many different diseases including the malaria parasite. The trend of malaria cases has been rising as of late with over 445,000 people losing their lives to the parasite in 2016 alone.

These findings have led the researchers to start work on the next stage of their mosquito app, and that is enabling it to detect if the mosquitos that are approaching are the ones carrying the disease.

Out of the 3,000 species of mosquito, only about 50 of them are capable of carrying the malaria parasite. The trick will be developing an algorithm that can learn the audio signatures created by different species so it can properly warn the people of the area.

Cracking the code will require researchers to process over 100 hours of insect recordings of multiple different mosquito breeds to pinpoint how each type sounds as it approaches.

The researchers are working diligently to get the app up and running, though a release date is still unknown.

Until the app becomes a reality, you can trust in the services of Blue Ridge Termite to help secure your home from mosquitos and just about every other pest you can imagine. Our experts know how these pests think and they will make quick work of your bug problems. Contact us today to learn more.

Say “See Yah!” to Mosquitoes

Say “See Yah!” to Mosquitoes

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