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Does Mild Temperatures Mean More Spring Insects?

Does Mild Temperatures Mean More Spring Insects?

Most of the United States have had a relatively warm winter and spring pests are likely going to benefit from it.

We’ve enjoyed a relatively mDoes Mild Temperatures Mean More Spring Insectsild winter in the majority of the country. There hasn’t been too much snow or long periods of below-freezing temperatures. In fact, February 2017 has broken the record for warmest February on record.

It’s a good thing, right? Well, yes, when it comes to shoveling your sidewalk or getting into a freezing cold car, a mild winter is a good thing. However, this mild winter’s effect on the environment is just beginning.

The record high temperatures throughout February will likely result in more insects around your home and garden this spring. Most harsh winters serve to kill off most of the insects you encounter, such as beetles and mosquitoes.

You not only will we see more bugs this spring but you’ll see them ahead of schedule. Many experts expect to see the spring bugs emerge long before they typically do, which could mean insects will be around for more months than usual.

While it can be a little overwhelming to think about, the important thing to do in this situation is to take steps now to protect your home and your family from unwanted and early spring pests. If you take some precautions to protect your home from insects before spring begins, you can help prevent them from entering your home.

At Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Control, we offer real estate inspection services to help you determine any points of entry or potential problems before the spring hits. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and avoid spring pests early arrival.