Spiders Live With Us All Year

Spiders Live With Us All Year

A lot of people think that the fall and winter cold weather means that spiders will start to take over our homes in order to escape the frigid temperatures outside.

Spiders Live With Us All Year

Unfortunately, the common thought that spiders invade our homes only in cold weather is not true.

Spiders are in our homes all year round, they just show themselves more frequently in colder months, as they desperately seek warmth.

Most people don’t realize that there is a distinction between indoor and outdoor spiders. However, there’s several species of spiders that survive strictly indoors.

House spiders don’t just wander away from their outdoor home into ours; our homes are actually their natural habitat.

House spiders are not invaders looking to cause trouble. They are hoping to co-habitat with us, feeding off other pesky insects that are fighting to invade our homes.

We see more spiders in the fall months because the males are coming out of their hiding spots in search of a female.

There is a good probability that most spiders that we see in our homes have been taking up residence all year.

According to Seattle’s Burk Museum, “Generally about five percent of the spiders you see indoors have been outdoors.

House spiders colonize new houses by egg sacs carried on furniture, building materials and so forth.

They usually spend their entire life cycle in, on or under their native building.”

There has been research that shows putting an indoor spider outside would likely kill them. Most indoor spiders will die quickly when removed from their protected indoor habitat.

House spiders very rarely pose problems; in fact most of them are completely harmless. Looking for a water source and the occasional bug to eat is what you can expect from a house spider.

However, nobody is a fan of these critters lingering in their space regardless.

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