Termite Pretreat Service

Protect Your Home With Our Eco-Friendly Termite Pre-treatment

One way to avoid ever having to deal with pesky termites is to protect your house by considering termite treatment options. The cost of termite treatment is miniscule compared to the costs to work on a house with a termite issue.

New construction termite pre-treatment is ideal, as that is the only time the licensed professional will be able to see all of the weak points of the new building.  Plenty of termite prevention options exist for already erected buildings, but they won’t be as efficient as termite treatment options that were considered during the construction of the building.

The three basic types of foundation we would encounter while figuring out a method of termite prevention are slab on ground, crawl space and basements. Slab on ground construction consists of three different types, floating, monolithic and suspended slab. Termite entry points vary by type of slab, requiring different termite treatment options.

A crawl space is shallow space between the living areas of a partially basement-less house. It is typically enclosed by the foundation wall, but is less than three feet high and has exposed soil beneath it. The soil and the little distance to the floor joists and sills make this a perfect area for termites to begin infesting on wood.

Buildings with basements are less likely to attract attention from termites than slab-on ground construction, however they still have areas where termites can enter. Termites can enter any edifice through a hole as small as 1/32nd of an inch, making termite pre-treatment a solid investment.

Blue Ridge Termite & Pest offers new construction termite pre-treatment, as well as a variety of termite treatment options for existing buildings in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Our eco-friendly insecticides allow us to do a great job in termite prevention in a safe manner.

We spread the termite pretreatment into the soil under and around the building, creating a chemical barrier to work with the physical barrier to keep termites out. The cost of termite treatment will vary, depending on type of construction materials, soil compaction and foundation.

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