Rabbits are Fluffy, Adorable Pests

Rabbits are Fluffy, Adorable Pests

When you think of rabbits, you probably think of the fluffy, adorable pet in your kindergarten class, or Peter Cottontail, the bunny from the nursery rhyme our grandmothers uRabbits are Fluffy, Adorable Pestssed to tell us. But as adorable as rabbits can be, what many homeowners don’t realize is just how destructive rabbits can be.

Whether you own a farm, have a large vegetable garden, or just a yard with a lot of grass, plants and trees, it is a possibility that a cottontail rabbit – or a whole group of cottontail rabbits – will make themselves at home snacking on your shrubbery.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your grass and plants that you have to worry about when it comes to rabbits. These fluffy critters are also known for destroying trees by gnawing the way all around their base. A technique called “ring barking,” this can make a tree unstable, eventually resulting in its death.

Of course, there are some simple solutions you can employ to rid your yard of these fluffy yet destructive herbivores.


The easiest form of rabbit control homeowners can try: Fencing. A cost efficient and cruelty-free way to keep your homegrown tomatoes, peppers and other veggies free from unwelcome guests, chicken wire fence (or something similar) should keep rabbits out of your garden all summer long.


If rabbits are continually plaguing your trees and shrubbery, another potential solution is to purchase a rabbit repellent. There are plenty of different options available for purchase, including your basic bag of kitty litter!

As rabbits are rather shy, skittish creatures, you can even install a sprinkler system or hang up some tin cans to scare them away.

 Professional Assistance

And if the above solutions don’t prevent your local cottontail rabbits from munching on your trees, bushes and veggies, there is always Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group to turn to! With locations in Charlottesville, Waynesboro and Culpeper, we are here to help you with all your pest management needs.

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