Protecting Pets from Summer Pests

Protecting Pets from Summer Pests

Protecting Pets from Summer PestsProtecting your pet from the dangers of pests is so important in the summertime, especially since a whole new host of threats tend to show up when the weather gets warm.

Blue Ridge Termite and Pest is here to give you some tips on how to keep your pets safe from summer pests.

Pest World says that ticks and fleas are most prevalent in the summer. Pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, or even horses are at a higher risk from ticks and fleas since they spend some or all of their time outdoors.

Ticks can cause Lyme disease, which results in fever, decreased appetite, swelling in the joints, lethargy, and swollen lymph nodes. Serious cases of Lyme disease may cause kidney disease.

Ticks can also cause tick paralysis in your pets, which occurs when a tick attaches near your pet’s spinal cord, causing muscle weakness and sometimes death due to respiratory failure.

Fleas are another concern for warm summery months. Flea bites typically cause itchy red bumps, which your pet will likely scratch excessively. Fleas may lead to anemia, and a condition known as flea allergy dermatitis can transfer tapeworms.

After you come inside from a walk or some time outside, inspect your pet’s body and look for ticks. If your pet has long hair, you may not be able to thoroughly inspect every inch—have your pet groomed regularly, and trim their hair during the summer months.

Talk to your vet about tick and flea prevention, and ask about medication that might help defend your pet against unwanted pests.

Keep your lawn trimmed short, and avoid areas with tall grass when you take your pet out for a walk.

Off reminds us to shampoo your pet frequently, and keep your pet inside between dusk and dawn if possible. Keep your pet’s bedding areas clean.

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