Think you have a rodent problem? Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Control of Charlottesville can help. Often time rodents leave signs of their presence – from noises in the walls to dropping in cabinets and throughout your home or business. It can be quite a task trying to hunt them down and exterminate or remove them but we’re here to help.

Our knowledgeable and experience staff has the tools to identify and hunt down your pest problem. Through evaluation of your home of business we can track down the pests and get rid of them once and for all. We offer both traditional and humane extermination and rodent removal options for all customer types in the greater Charlottesville area. Call today to put our experience to work for you and get piece of mind back in your home.

A few telltale signs of mice and rodents in your home or business to be aware of:

  • Signs of mice or rodent droppings in your home
    • Physical presence of mouse droppings are a sure sign of infestation. Typically these can be found along base lines of walls or within cabinets or dark spaces used as main paths of movement.
  • Gnawed furniture
    • Actually gnaw marks on furniture or plastic can be a sure fire sign of rodent presence.
  • Damp smell in the home
    • Traditionally rodents construct their nest from found materials including fibers and soft materials such as cotton. These materials tend to hold moisture and can cause a damp or moist smell in the home.
  • Scratching or odd sounds in the home, especially at night
    • Rodents and mice will navigate the home in the night time often through the walls. The sound of scratching in the walls or small knocks can be a sign of rodent activity.

Call Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Control service right away if you think you may have a rodent problem. Our professionals will evaluate your home or business and come up with a strategy to be rid of your pests once and for all.

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