Mosquitoes are not just annoying; they carry various diseases that can endanger you, your family and even pets. It is critical that you recognize environmental features that attract these aggressive pests during the warm season in order to remain in control of your space.Mosquitos

While most know the dangers of leaving standing water available to these insects, most do not realize that the Asian Tiger Mosquito, one of the most common species in Virginia, can also breed in discarded containers and tree-holes and rarely rely on stagnant pools.

Typically, the Asian Tiger Mosquito only bites during the day, or in well lit places at night. It is a persistent biter, but will generally only bite people when they are standing still or moving very slowly. They tend to target less noticeable areas like ankles, legs and the undersides of your arms.

Blue Ridge Termite and Pest of Charlottesville, Virginia, knows that to avoid harmful insects around your home, you must understand their habits as a species. Knowing how and when to protect yourself in the outdoors is critical in reducing or eliminating mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. The extermination experts of Blue Ridge Termite and Pest will identify potential problems on your property, and use safe, natural solutions to help you reclaim your home using our “green” pest control methods.