An invasion of birds and bats within a home can be both an uncomfortable and dangerous situation for its residents. Many Virginia homeowners overlook the possibility of birds and bats causing damage to their household. Blue Ridge can inspect the household and locate the infested area; while analyzing the extent of damage.

Common places for birds and bats to infest are:

  • Attics
  • Basements & Foundations
  • Behind Shutters
  • Downspouts
  • Porches
  • Window Ledges
  • Roof Spaces

Risks of Birds and Bats

With over forty species of bats found in the United States, it’s not uncommon to find these little creatures living in households. While they are rarely aggressive towards humans, this can be a different matter for dogs and cats. Along with carrying diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis; bats produce a large amount of urine and feces which can cause odor problems and damage wood. When dealing with a bat- infested household in the Charlottesville area, contact Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management for professional bat removal.

Similar to bats, an invasion of birds can also lead to serious problems within a household. Birds are also carriers of bacterial diseases and produce an excessive amount of harmful urine and feces. If left untreated, homeowners can find themselves with an additional infestation of bird mites. These insects feed on the blood of birds, and are commonly found living and breeding in nests. When the birds are eliminated, bird mites will spread to other areas of the household looking for a new host. This makes it crucial to call in professional assistance when dealing with bird removal.

Professional Bird and Bat Removal Services

Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management offers full service bird and bat control services to the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Professional pest control is the best solution to any infestation; reducing the risk for additional or reoccurring pests. Call Blue Ridge when you first suspect unwanted birds or bats in your household. Our knowledge and expertise will determine the most effective pest control method, and ensure the well-being of the household and residents.

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