Pest Control Tips for Pet Owners

Protecting yourself from harsh pest control solutions is one thing, but, for many, protecting your beloved pets is another story. Considering they can’t do much to protect themselves, it’s very important to make decisions with their health and safety in mind. If your home has a pest infestation that requires you to call in professional help, it’s best to prepare your home and/or pet before their arrival. We’ve provided some tips on what you can do to prepare for your exterminator service.

If they don’t ask, tell them

If the pest control business you call doesn’t ask, be sure to inform them that you have pets. They will be the perfect source of information for what to do moving forward, depending on the type of pet you have. They can also tell you what kind of techniques or solutions they use and whether or not they are harmful to pets.

Keep your pet in a kennel or pet carrier

Dogs and other animals are sometimes overjoyed to see new visitors they don’t see as a threat. That tail will likely start to wag uncontrollably and their high energy can distract or delay the exterminator’s productivity. It can be dangerous for a dog to walk up to an exterminator while he/she is applying powerful pest control solutions. For this reason, keep your dog or cat in a pet carrier in another room or for more serious pest control applications, keep them in a kennel or with a friend until it’s safe for them to come back home.

Remove beds, toys, and bones from the areas/rooms being sprayed

Protect your pet’s favorite bone or chew toy by placing it in another room that may not need to be treated. Airborne mist and droplets can fall onto toys or bones that go into your pet’s mouth. They can also fall on the bed where your pet sleeps, causing him or her to breathe in or touch the potential harmful solutions.

Cover up any fish or reptile tanks

Just like your pet’s toys and bones, airborne mist or droplets can fall into your fish or reptile’s tank. It’s important to cover the opening of the tanks with something you have lying around the house such as a blanket or towel, or bring them into another room if the tank is small enough to move.

Luckily, for clients of Blue Ridge Termites, our green pest control methods make it a little bit easier to breathe and remain stress-free during this time.

Our process includes natural pesticides only, giving you peace of mind that your pest problems will be solved without risk to the rest our your home’s welcome occupants.

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