New Devices in Termite Control

Termites pose a significant threat to American houses, and Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group has been fighting a valiant battle against these homewrecking insects. We’ve discussed technologies we use to find and eliminate pests on this blog and elsewhere on our website. As we get further into the Internet age, we’re finding plenty of new devices that have interesting new capabilities in the fight to save homes in the United States.

Many of the new devices finding applications in termite control across the world are profiled in this article published by Pest Control Technology. As this article shows, there’s no one device that serves as a cure-all for termite detection and elimination. However, using these innovations in tandem can provide great results.

X-rays have been used for decades to view images through solid organic materials, even if previous technologies were too cumbersome to be portable. Mobile X-ray devices can be used to detect the presence of pests within the walls of a home, but they can cost many thousands of dollars and must often be custom manufactured.

Fiber optical borescopes can offer a much more cost-effective option by using visible light and a camera sensor at the end of flexible tubing. For a few hundred dollars, a termite technician can buy a device capable of snaking a camera behind a wall to get a closer view of possible pest damage.

Even microwave devices have been found to help find termites where they live. These devices give off mild microwave signals that can set off recognizable signals in living termites. Infrared technology has shown a similar ability to detect the signals given off naturally by termites from behind a wall.

No matter what device technology you decide upon, the device must be handled by a technician with specialized knowledge of termite activity to find the best results. At Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group, we have a dedicated service staff ready to handle whatever your home has to offer. We serve homes in the area of Charlottesville, VA.

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