Make Sure Your Christmas Tree is Pest Free

Make Sure Your Christmas Tree is Pest FreeBringing home a Christmas tree, putting it up in the living room, and decorating it is a time-honored tradition for many Americans. But if you’re not careful, you could end up with some unwanted visitors in your home this holiday season as a result of your tree. While it doesn’t happen to very many people, there’s a chance your tree could contain pests in it, according to, and those pests could end up making their way into other areas of your home if your tree is filled with them.

There are a number of pests that could potentially enter your home by means of your Christmas tree.

Aphids, which are sometimes mistaken for spiders, have been known to take up residence in Christmas trees. Many of them are too small to see, but there are larger aphids that you might see in and around your tree when you bring it home. Bark beetles are also found in some Christmas trees, nestled deep in the trunk of the trees. Additionally, you should keep an eye out for mites, adelgids, and some spider species in the average Christmas trees.

Fortunately, it’s rare to find any of these bugs hiding out in Christmas trees. But if you do happen to spot them, you should avoid spraying your tree with any kind of pesticide or bug killer. It could do serious damage to your tree and turn it into a huge fire hazard. Instead, you should simply try shaking your tree out when you’re outside. That will typically be enough to get rid of the bugs so that you can safely return your tree back inside. You should also monitor your home for signs of the pests, just to ensure they don’t leave the tree and take up residence elsewhere.

If the pests do find their way into other areas of your home, Blue Ridge Termite can help get rid of them! We offer extensive pest control services and would be happy to help you with an infestation. The last thing you want is bugs in your home during the holidays, so get in touch with us right away to get our assistance. Happy holidays!

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