Lovecraft’s Cthulhu inside Each Termite?

Termites are like little monsters living unseen in the nether regions of your home. Living in the dark, damp recesses of a house, these nasty little pets leave a wake of destruction in their trail that can resemble a small-scale Japanese horror film about mythical creatures destroying a city.

Recently, scientists have discovered an even creepier organism that thrives within the body of the termite itself. Although this bacterium doesn’t prove any added threat to humans or homes, science fiction fanatics have been shivering cold at the realization that this cellular organism resembles one of the most feared fictional characters of all time.

H.P. Lovecraft was a renowned writer of science fiction works, and one of his most popular creations was the evil character of Cthulhu. This tentacled creature resides in a mythical lair, is titanic in size and waits patiently for the day that he can rise up and rid the world of humanity. As this article published by the Scientific American blog network reports, microbiologists have recently named a protist found in the termite’s digestive tract after this horrifying creature.

This Cthulhu-shaped microorganism has a multitude of flagella, a bundle of hair-like members that the cell uses to move around within its environment. Unlike the Lovecraft monster, this version feeds on cellulose and lignin, which are contained within the wood that enters the termite’s digestive system. So homeowners can rest assured with the knowledge that this tiny Cthulhu is at least vegetarian.

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