Keeping Squirrels Outside this Winter

Keeping Squirrels Outside this Winter

As cold temperatures settle in, many rodents look to settle in as well. Houses are wPrevent Squirrels From Getting Inside this Winterarm, secure, and well-covered structures, easily attracting rodents as the weather gets hard to withstand. Although squirrels look harmless, they will harm your home if they get in. From chewing electrical writes to carrying diseases, you do not want to house squirrels this winter. Here are some tips on how to prevent squirrels from entering your home.

Cover and Fill Entrance Points

The biggest way to prevent pests from getting inside your home, squirrels included, is to make sure you are covering exposed openings. Any small holes and cracks in your home can be large enough to let squirrels in. Cover any possible entrance points with wire mesh or plywood to prevent squirrels from getting through. You should also considering stuffing steel wool into the opening before you seal it off. This will prevent squirrels from getting back in if they somehow manage to get the outer cover off. If they attempt to chew through steel wool they will be cut, stopping them from making more attempts.

Upkeep Your Outdoors

Squirrels are very active and agile animals. We often see them running across the streets with no fear, tiptoeing across wires, and jumping from high to low tree branches with little effort. If possible, make sure surrounding trees branches are 15 feet away from your home. If you have bird-feeders in your yard, be sure to purchase squirrel-proof ones. If the squirrels can access the bird food, they will frequently return to eat it. Remove any food waste from your property and confirm that any garbage lids are secured.

Consider Creative Methods

Some people will suggest some creative methods to keep squirrels away from your home. Many people believe that strobe lights are effective for keeping pests away. Some people will put strobe lights into their attics and basements because animals are often annoyed and frightened by these lights. If squirrels are frequently chewing on the wood around your home attempting to gain entry, you can use a paint brush to spread hot sauce onto the damaged wood. Purchase the hottest sauce you can find and spread it across the wood the squirrels are chewing on. Squirrels despise the taste and it will stop them from chewing on it.

It is important to know that in autumn, many squirrels are nesting with their babies. Although we are in the start of November, some grown squirrels might still be with their babies. If you believe that squirrels have found their way into your home, contact Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Management Group to handle it.

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