Keep Your Pets and Home Flea-Free this Summer

summer flea treatmentNow that the warm summer weather is here your entire family – including your canine and feline friends – is bound to be spending more time outside. And this means that there is a greater chance for your animals to get fleas.

We can’t blame our furry family members for frolicking outside in the wonderful weather. What pet wouldn’t want to roll in the grass and explore the shrubbery on a bright, sunny day? But the same places our pets love to explore when the weather is warm are the same ones where fleas reside.

Tiny, wingless creature less than an inch in size, fleas aren’t picky about whose skin they hitch a ride on. Commonly found on rodents and other wild animals, they are just as likely to make their way into your dog or cat’s fur if they do not receive regular flea treatments.

And although they are tiny, just one female flea can do a lot of damage. According to, adult fleas make up a very small portion of the entire population, meaning that if you find one on your pet, there is bound to be a bigger problem. Eggs could be nested right in your animal’s fur, or even somewhere inside of your home!

Not only do flea bites cause red, itchy bumps to appear on the skin, they can also cause anemia and tapeworm in pets, as well as diseases like typhus and the plague in human.

If you notice a flea on your pet this summer, the safest route to take is to call your local pest control company for extermination. This will ensure that any fleas inside your home are eradicated; keeping your family and furry friends safe and comfortable all season long.

For families in Charlottesville, Virginia and the surrounding areas, Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group can provide the assistance you need. Please call us at 434-284-2093 (Charlottesville), 540-649-1443 (Waynesboro) or 540-661-7679 (Orange/Culpeper) to schedule an appointment.

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