Keep Bees Away from Your Home

Keep Bees Away from Your Home

 Keep Bees Away from Your Home  You may have been heard that bee populations are thought to be declining, and that it’s important for us to do our part to keep their population healthy, by planting native flowers and encouraging pollination. However, we don’t need to allow bees to hang out in or around our home.

Bees can pose as a threat to family members, which makes it important for us to keep them away from our home.

Wasps and hornets can be seriously annoying pests: not only do their stings seriously hurt but their nests can damage your home’s siding. Plus, if you have someone in the house with a bee allergy, you can’t risk them coming into contact with a bee’s sting.

In order to keep bees from building a nest on your home or shed, you should keep your garbage cans covered. Garbage’s are often the first spot bees will start to congregate, so make sure to keep the lid firmly shut.

Once the trash is taken care of, do a once-over of your home’s exterior. Broken siding, gaps, and crevices on your porch or under your roof are the perfect home for bees. Repair these areas so that the neighborhood bees aren’t tempted. A hole that’s ¼ inch or larger is a potential bee home so check all holes carefully.

Keep clutter in your yard to a minimum, and store items such as your lawnmower or bicycles securely in the shed. Bird feeders often attract bees, considering removing them if you seem to have bees surrounding your home.

If you find a bee nest on your property, the best way to dispose of it and prevent the bees from returning is to call the experts,

Contact Blue Ridge termite and Pest Management Group to take care of pest annoyances before they turn into big problems.

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