In 2014, Be Pest-Free

20142014 has arrived with a bang or, in some areas of the country, with a punch of cold to the gut. Regardless of weather conditions in your area, one thing is certain: we have all made New Year’s resolutions. What is yours?

At Blue Ridge Termite, our resolution tends to be the same every year: ensuring that each and every home is pest free. It is a battle, that’s for sure, but one that we take much pride in. We think that your resolution (among others, of course) should be a pest-free year. That might just be the resolution for Little Rock’s Rev. Danny Schieffler and the congregation of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

You see, the church’s Christmas service was up in the air due to termites. Yes, termites almost ruined Christmas. They had infested a chunk of the sanctuary causing severe damage, as discovered by the janitor some months ago. Because of the damage and the safety risks, the church made the decision to fix the problem and relocate services to the nearby parish hall. The church is currently being renovated.

While the termites didn’t really threaten Christmas, they nonetheless forced the church to break tradition and take parishioners out of their comfort zone by having the Christmas service in a different location. That is what pests do – they throw your life into chaos. Sometimes that chaos could be mild or it could be extreme. No one wants a chaotic 2014!

Thankfully, the people at St. Mark’s have a great outlook on the situation and view the termites as a blessing in disguise. In the article, “Termites force Christmas services out of Little Rock church sanctuary,” Kevin Trager of writes, “Attendance at services has actually increased since the damage was discovered. […] Since the church is insured, its staff and congregation won’t have to cover the cost of repairs. Schieffler hopes to reopen the sanctuary in March.”

Despite the termites and the shuffling of services around, the congregation as a whole seems to be thriving. Although it was a bit crazy at first, the church is dealing with their pest problem; and in 2014, you should do the same. If you’re in the Charlottesville area, Blue Ridge Termite will help, so give us a call!


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