Check for Pests When House Hunting

Check for Pests When House Hunting

pest control house huntingWhether you are on the hunt for your first home or are looking to upgrade to space that has plenty of room for the whole family, house hunting can be a stressful experience. There are endless “rules” for you to remember as you are taking tours and attending open houses. And in the excitement of purchasing a new home, many families forget to look for signs of pest infestation, which can be costly in the long run.

Signs of a pest problem often go unnoticed because people don’t know what to look for, which is why Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group has put together this list of points to consider during your walkthroughs.

Odd Odors

Different pests are known to have different odors to them, and if the home you are touring has an odd smell, it is best to do some further investigation. Musty odors and the scent of urine or garbage should be taken note of.

Strange Noises

Especially if you are looking at a home that has been vacant for a while, we also recommend listening for the sound of pests. Rodent and insect pests alike love to make their homes in walls, so if you hear a scuffling or scurrying noise, it may not be your imagination playing tricks on you.

Dead Bugs or Droppings

The most obvious sign of a pest infestation is the sight of dead bugs along windowsills or droppings in cupboards, basements and attics. Especially if you notice dead bugs in multiple areas throughout the home, this is a cause for concern.

Holes & Tracks Outside

On top of paying close attention to interior signs of a pest infestation, you should also do a thorough check of the home’s perimeter. As you are reviewing the foundation, look for holes, grease marks and tracks where rodents may have made their way inside.

With these tips in mind, you will have the knowledge you need to find the best home for your budget – without having to worry about battling creepy crawly critters. And if you do decide to purchase a home that has pest problems, please call Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Control to have the pest problem handled before move in day!

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