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Man’s Best Friend is Man’s Best Weapon Against Termites

Dogs and termitesThe war against termites has many faces, and many phases. Every day, it seems that there is a report of a new weapon against this band of eusocial insects. In South Florida, for instance, the newest weapon is man’s best friend. Yes, we are referring to a canine, a mixed-breed in fact.

In the article, “Dog trained to track down termites,” David Fleshler of the Sun Sentinel writes, “A termite-sniffing, mixed-breed dog named Connie went into action for the first time in a section of Dania Beach that represents the only U.S. foothold of an unusually damaging Caribbean species called the conehead termite.” Florida is vulnerable to termites and is, given its location, a melting pot for a variety of them.

Discovered in Dania Beach, the coneheads (not to be confused with the Dan Aykroyd movie) are indeed dangerous, as they spread quickly and are quite effective at chewing through condominiums. They have already chomped their way through numerous properties! What separates them from other termites is that they travel above ground, which makes them perfect targets for Connie.

Trained by J&K Canine Academy, Connie has been trained to find bed bugs, termites and other critters. Due to her youth and seemingly boundless energy, she is an effective weapon in the war against the coneheads and was able to help officials find a conehead feeding tube. So far, Connie has helped turn back the conehead tide, and will be used on more field assignments.

At Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group in Virginia, we are thrilled by the efforts of Connie. Any positive development in the fight against termites is a victory for extermination groups all across the country. If you’re experiencing pest problems in the Charlottesville area, give us a call today!


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