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Common Spring Pests & How to Remedy Infestations

Common Spring PestsSpring is quickly approaching, and it can mean many things: rainy days, rising temperatures and the arrival of new spring pests. Spring is meant to be a time of happiness and renewal, so let’s talk about common pests and remedies so you can enjoy the warmer season.

Common Spring Pest #1: Ants

One of the most common pests that you will witness this spring are ants, specifically, pavement ants. These familiar pests usually stay outside, but they are known to venture indoors and produce large colonies that can make life uncomfortable. As an instant solution, use tightly sealed containers and avoid food crumbs. To get a permanent solution, contact an exterminator.

Common Spring Pest #2: Ticks

If there was ever a common springtime pest, it would be the tick. These are dangerous enemies, especially if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor hiking or having picnics during the spring season. They carry diseases that can cause many hazardous problems including partial paralysis. If you find a tick on your body, remove it with a fine-tipped tweezer. Contact your exterminator if you find ticks to be invading your home.

Common Spring Pest #3: Flies

Flies like to disappear during the winter, but they rear their ugly heads again in droves during the spring and summer. Although they may seem like a slight annoyance, flies can be particularly dangerous if they land on utensils and food, as eating bacteria left by flies can be very dangerous. At Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management, we can implement traps that will keep flies out of your home.

Common Spring Pest #4: Wasps

There are many people who have an outright fear of bees and wasps and why wouldn’t they? These pests can sting and cause general mayhem which we would be smart to avoid. A wasp problem can multiply in the spring because this is the time where the Queen looks to find places to lay its eggs and establish its colony. If you start to see wasps, take action immediately and contact the exterminator. Their extensive experience can help them to find nests and seal holes that future wasps might call home.

Springtime is meant to be a season of fun in the sun, the last thing you need is to be infested by any number of insects. Contact us, and we can inspect your home to find any potential threats and handle them immediately!