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Keep Bats Out of Your Home for Fall and Winter

Keep Bats Out of Your Home for Fall and Winter

Cold temperatures outside usually drive bates inside, right into our homes. Most of us don’t welcome these creatures into our homes with open arms. However, as weather worsens, bats are desperate for a warm space to call home for the winter. It is important to know how to prevent bats from getting into your home.36239410 - old common bent-wing bat perched on a branch

Bats often go after older homes. Older homes typically have many places that bats can use to enter from chimneys, holes in the soffits, and cracks in the siding. Bats need an extremely small space in order to enter and typically can fit through a space the size of a quarter. Older homes are the perfect target for bats to wiggle their way into for the winter.

Many people with constant bat issues decide to put up bat houses around their property. When bats are not able to enter back into your home, they have the option to enter their bat house. Displaced bats will be searching for shelter and a bat house provides an alternative living space for them. One major benefit to having a bat home on your property is that bats eat bugs such as mosquitoes and moths. By installing a bat home around your home, you’ll actually experience fewer insects.

In order to prevent bats from getting into your home, you must be able to identify the spaces around your home that would allow bats to enter. Make sure you seal any entry points shut, using caulk in order to so. You can also use polyurethane foam to seal any holes or entry points shut as well. Bats cannot chew their way back into a home, such as a mouse, so you don’t need to use steel.

The roof of your home is a popular entrance for bats so be sure to look for holes or cracks specifically in the roof.  Night time is usually the best time to close off the holes in your roof to bats. You will be able to see where bats are headed this way, helping you identify the spots that need to be closed. However, it can really dangerous to be climbing around your roof in the dark.

If you are suffering from a bat problem, trust a professional such as Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Management Group to handle it.