Birds, Bats and Diseases, Oh My!

Having an invasion of birds of bats in your home can be more than just an inconvenience; it can pose dangerous threats to yourself, your family, and pets. This is due to the many life threatening diseases that can potentially be passed along to humans. If you do unexpectedly encounter a bird or bat in… Continue Reading

Termite Prevention: Fight Back Before Their Arrival

We truly can’t stress enough the extreme damage that termites can bestow upon your home or business. These little soldiers have unfaltering determination to destroy all in their path. Once discovered, they have typically already done a large amount of stealthy damage to the building, at which point you must deal with the repercussions –… Continue Reading

Blue Ridge Introduces Natural Insecticides, Pest Education & Prevention!

A common theme throughout society is “going green”. The world is truly making a conscious effort to fight back against the often harmful ways of humanity. We are far from where we’d like to be, but ultimately it’s the small changes that will lead to the greater good, right? We often associate pesticides and insecticides… Continue Reading

Think Mold is No Big Deal? Think Again!

Mold is a quiet invader that often goes undetected within the home. Seeping into your air supply, you could unknowingly be inhaling the spores causing problems for, not only your home, but your family’s health, too. Sufficient moisture in the home helps harbor this naturally occurring pest and continued moist conditions will help the mold… Continue Reading