Formosan Termites – a New Threat?

Formosan termites cost New Orleans approximately $300 million in damages each year. Now, the pests are migrating and have been found in 11 states outside of Louisiana. The termites were first recorded in the United States after World War II, where they were brought over from East Asia. They have devastated historic structures in the… Continue Reading

New Devices in Termite Control

Termites pose a significant threat to American houses, and Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group has been fighting a valiant battle against these homewrecking insects. We’ve discussed technologies we use to find and eliminate pests on this blog and elsewhere on our website. As we get further into the Internet age, we’re finding plenty… Continue Reading

A Termite Colony is a Complex Mechanism

Termites, at their very core, are extraordinary creatures, full of complexities that make them both intriguing and troublesome for man. Anyone who has battled a termite infestation in his or her home can attest to their persistence and craftiness. Chances are you haven’t thought of these pests as being anything more than a headache, but… Continue Reading