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‘Tis the Season – Winter Pests

While the summer months are considered the prime season for pests, some pests linger all year round. When the winter months take hold, many pests don’t go inactive until spring. The change in weather can actually cause pests to seek the warmth and shelter of your home. Below are a few of the pests that… Continue Reading

Birds, Bats and Diseases, Oh My!

Having an invasion of birds of bats in your home can be more than just an inconvenience; it can pose dangerous threats to yourself, your family, and pets. This is due to the many life threatening diseases that can potentially be passed along to humans. If you do unexpectedly encounter a bird or bat in… Continue Reading

Termite Prevention: Fight Back Before Their Arrival

We truly can’t stress enough the extreme damage that termites can bestow upon your home or business. These little soldiers have unfaltering determination to destroy all in their path. Once discovered, they have typically already done a large amount of stealthy damage to the building, at which point you must deal with the repercussions –… Continue Reading