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In 2014, Be Pest-Free

2014 has arrived with a bang or, in some areas of the country, with a punch of cold to the gut. Regardless of weather conditions in your area, one thing is certain: we have all made New Year’s resolutions. What is yours? At Blue Ridge Termite, our resolution tends to be the same every year:… Continue Reading

A Christmas Gift: Can Termites Save Your Life?

This holiday season, we bet you’re not thinking of termites, unless of course, they have infiltrated your home and you have to deal with them. Most likely, you’re not grateful for these persistent pests. But, according to recent studies courtesy of the centre for pollution control and environmental engineering, you should be, because termites may… Continue Reading

Termites May One Day Save Your Life

Termites are notoriously hard to control. In fact, no one has really come close to developing sustainable control techniques. They are incredibly persistent and, at times, seemingly indestructible. Of course, at Blue Ridge Termite we know that’s not the case, but a termite’s resistance mechanisms are very impressive, especially when it comes to infection in… Continue Reading