A Termite Colony is a Complex Mechanism

Termites, at their very core, are extraordinary creatures, full of complexities that make them both intriguing and troublesome for man. Anyone who has battled a termite infestation in his or her home can attest to their persistence and craftiness. Chances are you haven’t thought of these pests as being anything more than a headache, but for a moment, we encourage you to contemplate their very essence. What makes these tiny things so complex?

Their complex nature all starts at home, the termite colony and its NORAD-style (North American Aerospace Defense Command) system it has in place. In the article, “The Termite Colony and Its Chemical Defensive Systems,” Harun Yahya writes, “There are special soldier units in the termite colonies that are responsible for defense. Soldier termites are equipped with wonderful artillery. While some are warriors, some are patrolling termites and yet others are “suicide commandos.””

In other words, every termite plays a role in the defense and survival of the colony, from the queen at the top to the “suicide commando” at the bottom. Every termite knows its place, having a full understanding of the bigger scheme of things. The queen lays eggs whereas the workers maintain the nest’s structure and efficiency. There are even termites dedicated to keeping watch over the eggs. Their role is not unlike a hospital staff that keeps a close eye over newborns. Clearly, we are dealing with a well-oiled machine here!

15065978_SWhat holds the entire operation together, like emails at an office, are chemicals – that is, the chemical signals, or trail pheromones, that termites use to communicate with one another. Yahya writes, “These deaf, dumb and blind creatures perform and co-ordinate such complicated duties as, building, hunting, stalking, security alerts and defense maneuvers by means of chemical signals.”

Their communication skills are certainly admirable and perhaps something that we should try to emulate, even if we don’t have the ability to use trail pheromones. Would the world be a better place if it were more like a termite nest and colony? Perhaps, but these are questions better suited for bigger minds.

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Source: http://www.onislam.net/english/health-and-science/science/442654-the-termite-colony-and-its-chemical-defensive-systems-.html

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