A Christmas Gift: Can Termites Save Your Life?

christmas-tree-1354751262vTIThis holiday season, we bet you’re not thinking of termites, unless of course, they have infiltrated your home and you have to deal with them. Most likely, you’re not grateful for these persistent pests. But, according to recent studies courtesy of the centre for pollution control and environmental engineering, you should be, because termites may be necessary for our very survival. How, you ask. Well…

In the article, “Termites are essential for human survival, says study,” Bosco Dominique of TImesofIndia.indiatimes.com writes, “The study says if termites are eradicated, all the presently vegetated surface of the earth would soon be sealed-off by the debris of fallen wood and twigs, making any land-based primary production activity impossible.”

Think of it this way: termites are like housekeepers or butlers. We have become so used to them being around that we don’t notice all the “cleaning” up they do. If they vanish, the dirty dishes and laundry will begin to pile up, so much so that we won’t be able to live efficiently. In this case, those dirty dishes and laundry are fallen woods, twigs and other pieces of nature. They help make such debris bio-available so that it can easily merge back with nature.

What termites essentially do is open up land for agricultural development and growth. His “openness” helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution. Dominique writes, “Termites along with ants and earthworms are the main tillers, movers and rejuvenators of the soil. The trinity is often referred to as ‘soil engineers.’”

Soil engineers? That is quite the title to put on your resume, if you were a bug! That’s the beauty of this planet – everything, from gigantic sperm whales to miniscule termites, have a role to play in the splendid chain of life. The study is certainly an interesting one! Although we should not vilify all termites, as there are 4,000 species of termites out there, we must stay diligent in battling the ones that can destroy our homes. That is where we, Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group, come in!

If you’re in the Charlottesville area and have a pest problem, contact us today. Have a happy holiday season! Be thankful for the wonderful world around you!

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/City/Puducherry/Termites-are-essential-for-human-survival-says-study/articleshow/27618280.cms

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