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The Strange Powers of the Beaded Lacewing

There are many predators out there in the world. Some are big like lions or bears. Others are smaller like spiders, fire ants, or termites. Every day it seems we can add another one to the list, such as the Beaded Lacewing. What do you know about the Beaded Lacewing? Probably nothing, but they make… Read more »

Summer Pests Invading Your Homes

Spring is winding down or at least that’s how it feels. The moment Memorial Day hits, it feels like we’re ushering in the official beginning of the summer season. While it’s nice to experience the warm sun and bluer skies, feeling rejuvenated as we get out of bed, there’s one problem that comes with the… Read more »

Lovecraft’s Cthulhu inside Each Termite?

Termites are like little monsters living unseen in the nether regions of your home. Living in the dark, damp recesses of a house, these nasty little pets leave a wake of destruction in their trail that can resemble a small-scale Japanese horror film about mythical creatures destroying a city. Recently, scientists have discovered an even… Read more »

New Devices in Termite Control

Termites pose a significant threat to American houses, and Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group has been fighting a valiant battle against these homewrecking insects. We’ve discussed technologies we use to find and eliminate pests on this blog and elsewhere on our website. As we get further into the Internet age, we’re finding plenty… Read more »