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Your Pests Might See Better than You

Your Pests Might See Better than You

While insects aren’t exactly known for their exceptional eyesight, as it turns out, the assumption that insects might have poor eyesight is not accurate. While insects do see the world much differently than humans do, insect’s eyesight is much more complex than we once thought. Previously, scientists believed that insects were unable to see fine… Read more »

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

What is your worst traveling nightmare? Some might say missed flights or lost luggage, however, some traveling issues follow you home and stay long after your trip is over: bed bugs. One of the first things most people do after a long day of traveling is plop themselves on the comfy hotel bed and bask… Read more »

Robot Bees Could “Bee” Reality

With technology continuously advancing, it isn’t shocking that robotic bees are being considered to help with pollination. Pollination is incredibly important and without it, we wouldn’t have the large majority of produce that we enjoy today. Bees are absolutely critical to the process of pollination and we have been warned, continuously, that the bee population… Read more »