Keeping Squirrels Outside this Winter

As cold temperatures settle in, many rodents look to settle in as well. Houses are warm, secure, and well-covered structures, easily attracting rodents as the weather gets hard to withstand. Although squirrels look harmless, they will harm your home if they get in. From chewing electrical writes to carrying diseases, you do not want to… Read more »

Keep Bats Out of Your Home for Fall and Winter

Cold temperatures outside usually drive bates inside, right into our homes. Most of us don’t welcome these creatures into our homes with open arms. However, as weather worsens, bats are desperate for a warm space to call home for the winter. It is important to know how to prevent bats from getting into your home…. Read more »

Pest Control Tips for Pet Owners

Protecting yourself from harsh pest control solutions is one thing, but, for many, protecting your beloved pets is another story. Considering they can’t do much to protect themselves, it’s very important to make decisions with their health and safety in mind. If your home has a pest infestation that requires you to call in professional… Read more »

The Temperature is Starting to Drop, But That Doesn’t Mean the Pests Will

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, pests are always around, even during the cooler seasons. But while we may embrace the fall season, that doesn’t mean that we have to open up our doors and embrace these unwelcome guests, as well. There are plenty of things you can do to keep pests out… Read more »