Does Mild Temperatures Mean More Spring Insects?

Most of the United States have had a relatively warm winter and spring pests are likely going to benefit from it. We’ve enjoyed a relatively mild winter in the majority of the country. There hasn’t been too much snow or long periods of below-freezing temperatures. In fact, February 2017 has broken the record for warmest… Read more »

Robot Bees Could “Bee” Reality

With technology continuously advancing, it isn’t shocking that robotic bees are being considered to help with pollination. Pollination is incredibly important and without it, we wouldn’t have the large majority of produce that we enjoy today. Bees are absolutely critical to the process of pollination and we have been warned, continuously, that the bee population… Read more »

Insects and Pests You Didn’t Know Were Dangerous

Small insects such as spiders, ants, and centipedes are annoying. They infest our homes and take up residence where they aren’t welcome. Although most insects and pests are harmless in the sense that they cannot physically hurt you or poison you, some of them might be more dangerous than you think. There are several species… Read more »