Termite Technician of the Year!

It seems like every industry has an awards system honoring the best and brightest of that particular industry and the pest extermination business is no different, comprising a major part of the PCT Technician of the Year Awards – PCT standing for Pest Control Technology. From Pctonline.com, “The awards, sponsored by BASF Pest Control Solutions,… Read more »

Mapping Termite Genome May Lead to Safe, More Effective Pesticide

Many of you are aware of termites, by either battling an infestation or knowing someone who has. They are persistent little things. Once they infest a structure, you must go to great lengths to deal with them. Most of the time, this involves a powerful pesticide that is injected by an exterminator into the soil… Read more »

Formosan Termites – a New Threat?

Formosan termites cost New Orleans approximately $300 million in damages each year. Now, the pests are migrating and have been found in 11 states outside of Louisiana. The termites were first recorded in the United States after World War II, where they were brought over from East Asia. They have devastated historic structures in the… Read more »

Lovecraft’s Cthulhu inside Each Termite?

Termites are like little monsters living unseen in the nether regions of your home. Living in the dark, damp recesses of a house, these nasty little pets leave a wake of destruction in their trail that can resemble a small-scale Japanese horror film about mythical creatures destroying a city. Recently, scientists have discovered an even… Read more »