Protect Family from Mosquitoes this Summer

There’s no denying it: summer is upon us and many of us celebrate the season with backyard barbeques and frequent trips to the beach. Along with summer comes many pest issues, and you should be taking precautions to protect your family against mosquitoes. Protecting your family from the harmful bites of mosquitoes has never been… Read more »

Protecting Pets from Summer Pests

Protecting your pet from the dangers of pests is so important in the summertime, especially since a whole new host of threats tend to show up when the weather gets warm. Blue Ridge Termite and Pest is here to give you some tips on how to keep your pets safe from summer pests. Pest World… Read more »

Does Mild Temperatures Mean More Spring Insects?

Most of the United States have had a relatively warm winter and spring pests are likely going to benefit from it. We’ve enjoyed a relatively mild winter in the majority of the country. There hasn’t been too much snow or long periods of below-freezing temperatures. In fact, February 2017 has broken the record for warmest… Read more »